AlwaysMine – Luxury Dog Clothes

AlwaysMine was born from an idea of a pool of experts in luxury and fashion. The intuition comes from the desire to create something really unique and precious for dog lovers and their four legged best friends; that’s why we founded a “Maison” of luxury dog clothes and accessories. AlwaysMine product feature modern design using natural materials, retaining our outgoing commitment to animal rights and ecofriendly fashion.

Two Collections:

Day Wear 2016-17. AlwaysMine Day Wear Collection adds a pop of freshness to every event. The collection explores the possibility of new designs and textures. The desire to reconfigure the way we dress our four legged best friends finds expression in light materials, which interact with the movement of the body, sartorial structures and refined colors.

Evening Wear 2016-17. AlwaysMine Evening Wear Collection implies an extraordinary attention to detail, fit and finishing. Our creations are artistry personified, with craftsmanship evident in every stitch. From the exquisite beauty of the silk-infused fabric to the outstanding performance of our construction process, form and comfort come together to deliver an experience like no other. AlwaysMine will be distributed only in selective channels: luxury dog clothes boutiques, department stores and concept stores. All the partners would be carefully selected in order to be consistent with the values and the brand’s universe


Luxury Dog Clothes

Our design concepts are inspired by beauty found everywhere: art, architecture, fashion, nature.
AlwaysMine evokes optimism and celebrates life with prints and colors that are a tribute to dog lovers and their four legged best friends. Our collection references the sophistication of everybody who lives in a permanent fashion state of mind.

“Go now, and live. Experience. Dream. Risk. Close your eyes and jump. Enjoy the free fall. Wake up to the magic of everyday life.”


Original design, Italian craftsmanship and the highest quality materials are combined to bring AlwaysMine from initial concept to finished luxury, consistent with the tradition of Made in Italy. Our Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture creations are meticulously refined by hand using the softness and warmth properties of cashmere and silk, naturally contrasted with the mystical hues of pearls and paillettes. AlwaysMine unique creations feature modern design using natural materials, retaining our outgoing commitment to animal rights and ecofriendly fashion.

Made in Italy

Art, fashion… and Italian “Savoir Faire”. Italy is home to the world’s most famous fashion designers and labels. Italian style is rightly celebrated as being unique among competitors with its unmistakable elegance, excellent tailoring, exquisite fabrics, and unmatched creativity and innovation. AlwaysMine combines cashmere, precious materials, custom jewelry details with the work of expert seamstresses in order to transform fine fabrics into beautiful dog coats. Every piece of our collection is meticulously handcrafted for maximum beauty. AlwaysMine is the ultimate brand for stylish pets and their owners.